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About us

IMG0008Introductions; I am Marleen Meens and have since May 1, 2014 a beautiful rural Bed & Breakfast on the Heisterbrug in the Limburgs place called Schinnen.

The B & B is housed in an annex of our house and a separate accessible by a private car park and terrace. Our Bed & Breakfast is equipped with a kitchen, two double bedrooms and a bathroom with toilet, sink and shower. Obviously the lounge equipped with a flat-screen TV and you can make free use of the existing Internet.

You have the opportunity to join us to book a stay with or without breakfast, for this I refer you to the reservation system. Our Bed & Breakfast is ideally suited for a longer stay with family and / or friends and you will soon enjoy the ultimate holiday experience.

I look forward now to seeing you and wish you a pleasant stay.